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Product description: Bamboo Product, For pooja purpose, To clean pulses/grains.

Soop is an innovative product made out of bamboo which can be used as a ritualistic item or just to clean your house. The bamboo is cleaned using natural soap and then dried before it is ready to use. This process helps remove any impurities and bacteria from the bamboo.

Product Features: – Cleaning agent made out of bamboo.

– Natural cleaning agent.

– Can be used as a ritual item.

– Can be stored for long time.

– No chemicals are required.

– Easy to use.

– Safe to use.

– Eco friendly.

– Non toxic.

– Soothing fragrance.

– Soft touch.

– Good for skin.

Weight: 250 Gram

Dimension: 17*13.5

Vaibhavi (MEG):

*Vaibhavi – Rural women microenterprise group
*MEG – Microenterprise group

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