Sheetal Patti Ladies Small Sling Bag


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As all the listed products are “Made to Order” by our rural women, it will take 15-20 days for delivery.

Product description: Sheetal patti from West Bengal: Unveiling the artistry of tradition in every fiber. This is one of the natural Fibre products that is expensive. It is mainly made of green cane slips.

Making Process: The Sital Pati manufacturing involves many processes that are complicated. The steps followed casting process is given below:

  1. The pieces are boiled in hot water.
  2. Then the pieces are dried in the hot sun.
  3. The Splits are woven in a closed weave.
  4. Then it is designed by using dyed slips as the requirement.





*Vaibhavi – Rural women microenterprise group
*MEG – Microenterprise group

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